Episode 47: There’s a 1.21 Gigawatt Coolant Leak In The Neutron Flow!


This week’s episode, we talk all about technobabble in science fiction! It gets weird and strange as we discuss bullshit science in film. Along with that, we have a new segment called “The Report Card”, where Bernadette talks about a new nerdy thing she’s doing, and a literary geek fight!

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Episode 46: E.T. Is A Classic Video Game…


This week’s episode was going to be a clip show, as we didn’t have Joe, but by coincidence, we recorded one anyway. Our friend and longtime supporter of the show Sam joins us for a conversation on classic video games. We chat about Nintendo’s announcement of the Mini NES Classic, as well as the travesty that was E.T. the Game. Plus, we have a pixelated geek fight for you this week!

Here’s the Nintendo Playstation, as promised…



Episode 44: Late To The Best Digital Threesome Party Ever…. And Vellum


Hey everybody! We recorded this week’s episode live from CONvergence 2016, and it’s just as weird as you’d expect. We talk with Kevin, Nick, and Crystal, from our new project, Geek By Numbers! The wheels quickly fell off, as we bounce around everything, from Game of Thrones, to CON, and just have fun laughing at ourselves.

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