Episode 53: Scotch & Magic & Scotch & Magic & Scotch &…….

We welcome Cetius Scotchbringer to the show as we chat Magic: The Gathering. Be sure to check out Cetius over at Extreme Tasting League: Scotch, as well as finding him out in the real world. He’s like that rare trader NPC in video games, where if you use just the right chat commands, you shall be rewarded*. With Scotch. or maybe a bewildered look.

* We do not guarantee that Cetius will give you Scotch.

Also, here’s the video purportedly showing Bruce Lee playing Ping Pong with Nunchaku.

…………….Annnnnnnnd here’s the snopes article disproving the authenticity of the video. This was discovered after recording, so we’re keeping Bruce in the poll.