Find us!

In front of you, there are choices for how to contact the Party. What do you do?

  1. Find them on Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter?
  2. Email them? (
  3. Drunk text them at 3 AM, telling them how sexy they are? (tempting…….)
  4. F that, We want Byron Siren, The Music Guy?

4 thoughts on “Find us!

  1. Loving the podcast! Just listened to the musical theatre episode, and as a subject very near and dear to my heart, had to comment:

    Patina Miller was the lead player in Pippin. She was amazing when I worked with her in college and has only gotten better. Remember her name, you’ll be screaming it later.

    Terrence Zdunich wrote both Repo and The Devil’s Carnival. He is a lovely human being, and Phil can better tell the story of getting to do some magic for him. (I dream of working on one of his productions.)

    I worked on Hamilton and have actively avoided listening to or otherwise acknowledging it, since everyone is so obsessed – and now I’ve been convinced to track down the soundtrack and listen. Damn you.

    Unrelated to this podcast, you’ve also inspired me to go back and rewatch Buffy, like I’ve been meaning to do for literally years…assuming I can ever make it through season 1. And, for that matter, pick up Angel, which is resisted since I still see it as a blatant ripoff of Forever Knight (though upon a rewatching, I have a feeling Angel is better written).

    Love what you guys are doing, keep it up! Happy new year!


  2. Hey gang,

    Just a heads up… your “Subscribe via iTunes” link returns an error that your podcast isn’t available in your region. I’m in Minnesota as well so I should be able to subscribe.


    • That’s very strange. If you go and search it on iTunes though, you can find it pretty easily. It’s the 5th one on the list.

      Also, Robb says you should switch to Stitcher, because Apple is terrible, and should only be used in the most extreme circumstances.


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